Saturday, December 29, 2012

Xmas sewing

So it wasn't a big frenzy of sewing this year, I had a few little things to make, and could easily do them over the Xmas break. The things for me, of course, have all had to wait though :(

I had a Kris Kringle (or Secret Santa) gift to make for my work Xmas party- which I left at home on the night, so my boss ended up getting it, she being the one who handed them all out and got the last one! I based it on this tutorial- really fun and a great scrap buster! Suffice to say my boss was pretty happy with it! (phew!)

 I wanted to make my sister something, and ended up making 2 of them so she could pick the fabric she wanted! I bought this pattern when they had a sale recently, a pdf download, and used my new fave spray glue with it (told you I was obsessed!) The yellow leather wasn't the best choice, a bit too stiff, but the soft blue one was lovely.

 I'll try and get a pic of the back one that she chose next time I see her!

Oh, Henry got some Christmas pants to wear on Christmas Day- they are a 0-3mth size and fit him perfectly in the leg at 2weeks of age! Uh-oh....

This was what "Santa" brought me for Xmas...

Now to stop making things for everyone else and spend some time on me...maybe.

Oh, a sneak peek at Henry's mobile I put together on Boxing Day! I think there will be much better pics when it's up and against the white wall (nudge nudge to the B.I.L to hang it!)

I'll do a 'proper' post then (I've been 'Gramming it a bit, I'm 'becsibbi' over there if you want to find me).

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rachelmp said...

Great gifts! Looking forward to seeing those sewaholic patterns and your review too