Sunday, January 27, 2013

Kid clothes

 I haven't forgotten about my gorgeous girl in the clothes making mission! Not that I can call her clothes 'kid clothes' for much longer! I've had to make her the size 12 in this pattern, and as fans of these patterns know- they only go to a 12! My girl is growing up!

Recognise the fabric from Friday's post? I had this top in mind when I first saw it here! 

(Oh, an Australia map tattoo on the cheek, Happy Australia day!)

 needs no words, does it?

 and then the shorts! The fabric was chosen by me- she'd been nagging me for some animal print for the Firefly jacket I want to make her. But I thought it a bit grown up- and when I saw the pink, I decided if she liked it (a self declared pink hater, apparently) I'd make the shorts.

There are some other great versions here. It's hard to see the trim as I didn't make it contrasting, but I thought there was enough goin' on in these shorts already for a contrasting trim! Oh, and no pockets, which may turn a lot of kiddies off! (Don't think Little Miss has noticed yet).

Easy elastic waist. There's not really any 'trying on and adjust the length' in these, either; she questioned the high rise of the waistband a bit too (I told her that's the best way to wear them- shhhhh!)

 She assures me she'll wear them!

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Mistea said...

You have been very productive.
Cute shorts.