Saturday, November 15, 2008

bags, bags, bags

went out for a dance last night, caused havoc as usual haha. Took my little black Prada bag, the first one I got at the op shop, that started me on my bag addiction. It only takes one, let me tell you! It has a matching coin purse/key holder, and came with the authenticity card, completely in Italian! Ahh, Prada...... I dropped little miss to her aunty's for a sleepover (my b'day request was a night off, which once I got it, I missed her and couldn't wait to get her back, wierd) and spotted this bag I made her a while ago, from true vintage fabric. Inside has blue lining, and orange as well. Cute, huh?
I'm in love with her jewellry organiser, need to make something similar so I wear more! Put away in a box is terrible, i've decided.
Then onto the spare room for the piece de blah blah (resistance? Can't spell it anyway) Her handmade bag holder! OMG, I want one, and apparently for $30 I can make it myself (couldn't bribe her to do it for me, damn). Isn't it awesome? Sooo need one, my floor is covered at the moment as i am sorting through them.
I spotted this little one, my sis is more vintage than I am with her collection, and this little one is gorgeous. At least I know now bag fetishes must be genetic! I'm older, but I definately caught it off her haha.
back to my chores, ciao.


Anonymous said...

Is your sis a Capricorn? She is beautifully organised - just love her systems for storage. And the ventage blue bag is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. Kaz

Anonymous said...

whoops vintage but I am sure you know what I mean

bec said...

Nah, she's a Saggitarean!

Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

Ahhh, Saggitarean's my favourite kind of people - I'm bias though cause I live with 2!!

Those bags are tres chic (I can just spell that!!)