Friday, September 25, 2009

Being creative

I missed my creative space again this week- my computer gets tired and has issues at night, it seems. Half posts lost, so I'll start again.
Ms Curlypops provided Little Miss and I with a great day yesterday, crafting, food, oppying and scooter rides (for the kids, of course!). We are known for our bargain hunting, and Werribee Salvo's did not let us down. I love it when you go in not wanting anything, or expecting anything, and...
this great dress (Gap, size 12, might be taken in for little one)

the trifecta. Double chenille bedspread that will actually make it to my bed (Spotlight brand!), yellow handmade tablecloth and cross stitch picture, that will become a bag.

I forgot to take a skirt I wanted to make into a Birtskag, but got some binding attached to my quilt, and some bag sewing done. I snatched up these great 'scraps', which were actually the start of a quilt Curlypops had begun, but like me with my bags, they'd been put aside. I see 2 little boys blankies in there....maybe for some twins.

Little Miss came away with some booty- TeddyBear lollies toy, Spongebob Squarepants toy from Hungry Jacks (shh!) and various craft things

Oh, and the bag? This one that seemed to take ages to start, but was so easy...once I unpicked the flap I sewed on backwards. Err, distracted.

More bag pics to follow, computer has been good tonight and I need to tuck it in for bed now.


Unknown said...

Lucky you what great bargains !

CurlyPops said...

I can't seem to get 'chenille' (said with a twang) out of my head...too funny!
Yah for the baguette...looking good!

Sarah said...

Sounds like fun!