Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekend round-up

Did a bit of sewing this weekend. Saturday I headed over here for a big session, which would have been bigger if a certain little girl hadn't reneged on the sleepover I'd organised!
So Sunday was a bit more sewing. I repaired I bag I had previously made, with this great applique.
I also finished a few projects I started the day before

This one was originally for me, but I've now made it to fit a nearly 6 yr olds head. Doh!

I have also had new addition- things always start to breed in my house. And of course, now I'm not looking for one! Little did I know my neighbour had one in his shed THE WHOLE TIME! Bought in 1976, it's gorgeous. And my old one has a new home already, happy all round.

A dress up day tomorrow at school has been inspiring- craft projects have occurred, and a $10 dress up has bought hrs of fun.

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CurlyPops said...

Smurfette looks fabulous ( and so do you in that lovely shower cap)!