Monday, September 7, 2009

Market roundup

A bright and sunny day was Saturday, and we were all revved up for the Yarraville market.
Living 5 mins from the venue means I even get a bit of a sleep in :)

I trialled a new clothes rack, which I didn't like that much, being the wrong way around. And my neighbours didn't want their stall knocked over, either when people want to look at the back row. Back to the drawing board with that one!

My new pencil rolls were all finished and in their new baskets. The demo model got lots of looks.

I managed to make some more hair ties whilst I was there, such a great atmosphere to craft in!

Here is a closeup of the finished design. You can't lose your sharpener with this one! (Thanks to Smiggle for those)

There were lots of great people there- Leslie came by with gorgeous Mae; I met Dana, who it turns out had me as a midwife all those years ago (well, not that many) as well as the great stall holders who keep me company.

Come see us in October (the 14th and 15th that month)

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Cath said...

will have to come and visit you at the market next time - good on you for having a go. loving the smurfs too