Sunday, May 30, 2010

Catching the knitting bug

Here is the finished cowl- I'm pretty happy, because I shirked a pattern (couldn't find one basic enough!) and knitted a tube of plain knitting. Sure, it messes the hair up when I put it on and off, but my neck will be super toasty. And I'm sure it will stretch.
I used Zara Plus. And got it at the shop in the link.
bn(but i'm sure she told me it was 10ply, hmm)
So this is my next project- the beanie on the left, of course.
And there'll be a beret too- knitted flat and sewn up, just like i like it!

Oh, I've ditched the footy beanie, that'll be bought, boring!


Liesl said...

ooh very nice - love the colour. Looks toasty.

Beret you say? Oh la la!

Sue said...

The cowl looks super toasty! Maybe I need to knit myself one for this winter. Love the colors your using for the beanie too, the baby shepherd is great. I also knit socks with it too because of the great colors.

Snooze said...

the cowl looks so warm ..perfect for the weather now. i love that book you're making a hat from. i have that book and i've made the same hat for a friend's 2 year granddaughters. it's a great book.

Mistea said...

You're looking ready to face the winter. Love the colour too.

Can't wait to see the Beanie, nice colours.

Stay Warm

Tania said...

I love it when a blogger turns to the Dark Side...