Monday, May 31, 2010

A productive day

OK, it's been a busy one, I didn't even notice I didn't get a nap in!
First up is my last project of the day (I still have night time to come heehee). It's the Catch Kidston bag that comes with the MAKE book. It was sitting on my shelf staring at me, and I needed a bag to carry my knitting in....

Perfect, don't you think? I added a magnetic snap, too hard to turn the tube to make a button loop!

I have a heap of finished pencil rolls, had to wash a few, they are looking lovely hanging up to dry. I had a little dilemma- it seems Smiggle have stopped making the barrel pencil sharpeners I attached to my last lot! SO if you have one of these, they were limited edition. I have a new way to attach wooden ones, but they may be limited edition too, apparently Smiggle like to 'keep things fresh' :P

Savers had a 50% off EVERYTHING sale today (as opposed to the 50% of some items, and you end up spending more on full priced items on a sale day!). I grabbed 2 pairs of winter jammies for the child- size 10 and 12, but easily run in to fit her this winter. $2.50 a pair. Bugs Bunny ones are a hit!

I also snatched this one up ($2.50) I don't mean that to sound violent, but has anyone been to Savers at 9am on a sale day? Madness. I have 2 thicker ones in this colour, same style, I am really attracted to them, don't know why. Thought this will be goof when you are in heating, not too bulky.

And I found this little number for Little Miss ($3). Actually it was for shrinking, its acrylic/nylon/angora, so soft, but non-shrinkable! And Little Miss decided she liked it, if I dyed it another colour. Any tips??

I also managed to get to the Post Office, which is a rarity nowadays, so if you are expecting something from me, expect it soon!


Andi said...

Well done getting all those pencil rolls finished!!!

Vaughnde said...

See if you can pick up a Tie Dye Kit which will work on the acrylic/nylon portion of the sweater you picked up. Koolaid dyeing will not work nor will food color dyes or easter egg dyes. If you can get your hands on any, RIT dyes will also work on the sweater.

Awesome work on the pencil rolls.

Gypsy said...

Pencil rolls look lovely Bec, very cheerful!
I have the same Cath Kidston book, and the bag has been taunting me from the shelf since Christmas!!! Maybe I'll bring it to our next crafternoon and you can speed me through the process.

Alison said...

Hi Bec, I've been wanting to buy that book, just to make the bag, it looks great. Gotta love saver's, oh and great job on those pencil rolls.