Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Creative Space

Is all about chenille fluff. The bunny quilt (in the right in the pic) needs some square, bigger than ones I have. Hmphff.
Back to the ole drawing board.

Head over to the queen of creative to see more.


Michelle Walker said...

Hi Bec...i finished your apron about ten minutes ago.....cant wait to send it to looks fab! hee hee

Tania said...

Hmphf is a word frequently uttered in this household around craft. Which is why the Mr still isn't sure whether I like doing the stuff.

Tanya said...

HI Bec- bummer about the needing bigger squares, I hate 'back to the drawing board!' Love Mr. Pinkwhistle too, by the way! And, I too, am making stuff for the babies other people are gettign to have!

trash said...

Gosh! How lovely. An invite to buy a new caemra. Didn't you say At Sew It Together that you were looking? How clever of 'them' to know. I do hope it is a fabulous deal. ;-)

Are those 'my fabric' bunnies on the chenille because you know, if you decide you don't like them there is a perfectly good home in England for them. Am just saying is all.