Monday, June 7, 2010

Bargain buys

So living in the western suburbs has SOME advantages- and I'll show you a few I nabbed yesterday and today!
As the Little Miss was at her uncle and aunty's on the weekend, I had a lazy day yesterday, until I had to drop a DVD back, and decided that deserved a trip to Spotlight. Lookee lookee what I found- 50's prints for $8 a metre, and some vintage shroom fat quarters!

I bought this chenille on sale on EBay, this store is having a huge sale. This will do nicely for Little Miss's bunny quilt. If you've ever wondered what the fuss was about with chenille, here's your chance to find some cheap!

Forges of Footscray is closing down! Haby items are so cheap, and a good brand, I went for essentials as well- thermals and underwear! There are a few days left, everything really cheap.

A trip to Kmart in Footscray was next, to find bathers- ugh, why does she always need a new pair in winter! Impossible to find- but we found these blue ballet flats for $1 a pair! And the other 2 were $10 a pair each. Bugger the bathers. It's all about me!

Aww, had to throw this one in, a curl that won't be straightened. All youse* blessed with curls will go 'huh?', but I adore them- won't be long before she is straightening them out...hang on, that's how she was returned to me last night form the rello's, with straightened hair, so we have a stray one!
PS * 'Youse' is a deliberate typo, I don't normally talk like that ;)

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Christie said...

looks great bec-but is till need to find the perfect lunchbox to go inside first!