Monday, June 14, 2010

A busy week

Well, I can hardly blame having nothing to do, can I? it's been pretty busy, and lots of crafting so here goes the latest.....
oh, warning, lots of pics! But not necessarily in the right order, which should prove a bit fun!
Here is the new doggy coat, for my cold little friend. Cute, huh?

Yep, made out of 2 acrylic, old jumpers, and I just traced it off an old one that he tore off! (A bit girly, maybe?)

have bought some great chenille pieces, this person is still having a sale, a great seller too.

I swapped some chenille with Selina, too, isn't it all gorgeous (I assume you are all nodding, yes, Bec, it's great).

Saturday of this long weekend saw me at the Sister's Market, little Miss in tow and getting a bit excited when we saw these- my pencil rolls on the Lark stand! Cool!

We also popped into The Olive Grove, and picked up a little cat for her, and a brooch for me. What an amazing store, all handmade and original, check it out!

we also got Little Miss a pair of arm warmers at the Sisters Market (see, told you I'd keep you on your toes!). Little Miss picked them out herself, and wore them until they got too hot, so cute. So now we both have a pair!

Oh, here's me on a Saturday night- DVD on and sewing away on Little Miss's new quilt. You like the honesty, right?

Saturday I headed along to the MMQG, where my machine had a spack attack and decided to not work. So I dropped it off to sewing machine hospital on the way home, and yep, the timing is out and it needs a service. Which has gone up in price from 6 mths ago. Brother! (No, still loyal Janome fan, do like a certain Bernina though). I did meet this machine, though, which is a lot cheaper and so cute to boot!
So I'm using my back up machine, the one I learnt on, my mum's old one. Freaky, can't even find a good description online!

The holiday Monday was spent with 2 little 6.5yr olds at the movies- very funny, and great closure! Can't get bored after 4 of these movies, something new each time, so definitely do it. #D was great, but if you have a child (like mine) who takes the glasses off, then complains about a headache, save the $3!
Food- have been watching Masterchef, and cooked soup this week. But i wanted to leave you with my child's dinner choice tonight- chosen at the supermarket, she requested chips too, but we already had them at lunch, so fish and salad it was! I'm pretty lucky....

Have a great week!


Mistea said...

Sure is pretty chenille - but I am thinking warm and snuggly - remembering the chenille of my childhood.

Love Murray's new coat - he looks so Hansome!

Enjoy the week.

Rachel said...

I hope your machine is ok and is fixed soon and cheaply!

Thankfully giving mine it's first oil since I got it seems to have sorted out my machine problems.

Tania said...

You just made my week look a walk in the park! Except I don't have excellent chenille or armwarmers to show for it...

Gypsy said...

Wow you have been busy Bec!