Saturday, June 19, 2010

I did it!

I finished the beanie! 4ply and all, and a good case of 'knitter's hand' (or whatever you call it after 6 hrs straight of knitting at the conferency yesterday). Once I got past the ribbing,
it was a breeze!
AND she likes it! (de ja vu to this girls blog)

apparently needs some pom poms (I want tassles, but hey, what do I know)

goes great with the hand made poncho

and my quilt- wow, such an enthusiastic look, looks like she's had a hard night out the night before (getting ready for the teen years)

I aslo bought these charm packs this week, from
Retromummy. $40 for 84 squares. Of Brand. New. FArbic. I'm lovin' it. (free postage, too, guys!)


Tania said...

Don't you just LOVE IT when you get the anklebiter seal of approval? Well done you 4ply knitty ninja you. Four hours of knitting - er - gym competition, for me to get my teeth into tomorrow!

Cathie said...

wow, now that's a whole lotta knitting!!
I think I need some lessons.
Aidan wants to come & meet little Miss aswell tomorrow.

Snooze said...

so nice to see the beanie looks so good ... and wow on the fabric. love it.

Sue said...

What a great beanie, and 4 ply too. No wonder you had sore hands afterwards. I love the charm packs too, very nice.

Unknown said...

Your kids are going to be way cool !

Mistea said...

Hey that is one cool beanie - the pompoms may just be the finishing touch.

Excellent use of your time.

Alison said...

Fantastic effort and what a great result. Keep on a clickin & a clackin. Maybe she could make her own pom pom, I've just shown my girls how to make them.

Karen said...

Yay for you on the beanie Bec, glad it got the stamp of approval after all that work!
I can't wait for that City Weekend collection to come out in yardage - will be great for summer clothes I think.

Angie said...

A marathon-knitting effort rewarded with a happy girl with warm ears!