Monday, June 28, 2010

The bug continues

After scrolling through Ravelry today, and not finding 'the right' thing, I remembered this pattern Little Miss and I saw in a shop, and she assured me she'd wear- in grey! Surely bluey grey is OK? It's from this book, which I got here.

They also have a bargain bin, where these were $5 each (bought on 2 separate occasions,
mind you).

Because I don't have enough in my stash (half of which is out of this pic). Like fabric like
wool (just tried to make up my own saying har har)


Mistea said...

Cute dress. Can't wait to see that one come together.

Love the yarn stash - you're getting there!

Gypsy said...

Great dress, Little Miss will look very cute in that!

Sue said...

Love the dress pattern, they are all the trend right now arent they. I think it will be lovely in that beautiful wool you bought!

Karen said...

Love the dress - that's lots of knitting!
It will keep you warm while you knit it too, across your legs.