Friday, January 28, 2011

Nice days

A few snaps from the last few days.

Little Miss (or The Kid, I like both now) has been nagging me for ages for another Build A Bear, she was spoilt by her uncle a year or so ago with one (she got a penguin back then). It doesn't matter how many softies I make, her heart belong to that bloody place!

I couldn't say no when she got given some money for b'day and Xmas, and could buy her own....

Silly me said I'd buy the outfit- it cost as much as the bear!

Welcome Sunny! I didn't get a bit choked up when she made a wish and kissed the love heart, which was then inserted into the bear. She had to 'test squeeze' for the right cuddly softness; it even has a bar code inserted, like a microchip for a pet- if you find a Build A Bear toy, you take it back to any store, they scan it and reunite it with it's owner. Awwwwww......

My happy bit of the day was a full day wearing the dress my pal Sue knitted for her (me, really)

I thinks she's forgiven you the pockets, Sue!

Another find this week- how cute is this? A pack of four of the toothbrushes for $1.99- the kid has never brushed her teeth so much! Yep, I'm all into gimmicks sometimes.

And a big thank you to blog land, in particular Brenda. Reading her blog as I do I saw a gorgeous quilt pattern she is also admiring- sorry, Brenda, I couldn't get it out of my head! I don't think the pattern alone would have grabbed me, it was the pics of the made up version.  

I have found a project for my fabric pile! It uses 35 fat quarters for the queen size, and I have 40, so there's no excuse! Might not even have to buy anything extra, I hope not.


Sue said...

I remember that Build A Bear place. Isabelle had a similar toy once which was a cat and we had to buy it a ballerina outfit, and she played with it for a bit and then it sat on the end of her bed. I think it is shoved in the bottom of the toybox now. I am determined to make a dress with pockets one day that are actually knit into the dress, not sewn on like those were supposed to be. You could always add fabric ones though if you wanted too. She looks so cute in it too. The quilt sounds like a fab idea!

Andi said...

That pattern will be perfect!!!!

Karen said...

My girls got a fold out travel toothbrush in a toiletry bag for Christmas, Miss A brushed her teeth five times on Christmas day! Winner I say.

Brenda said...

Oh Bec when I saw how many teny tiny squares I had to cut out, I thought this might be a bit too much for a total beginner like me! I opted for a slightly simpler only had 528 pieces to cut out and a much simpler block construction, similar but easier.

I will use the pattern I bought once I've mastered the construction. I'd love to see your quilt all made up.

Take care and thanks for visiting.