Friday, January 21, 2011


Few, my gag is off! I can show you my new pics- the problem, for you bloggers, was that I couldn't upload photos due to 'Cloud Picker'. Thankfully, I checked out the Help Centre, where some others who had the same issue told me how to fix it! (clear your temp Internet files and cookies)

So, onto more technical things, and so I sound less like a nerd, I'll show you the Happy Campers quilt I finally finished. I got a wriggle on finally as a V.I.P is coming to stay, and it will be a gift!

I used a Turnover, which was a great way to get all the range, pre-cut for us lazy/ time poor quilters! I did have a few spare triangles, but they'll go in the scraps bucket.

I used my old 'house' sheet for the back, so white homespun and spotty binding.

I took the pics yesterday at work (on my lunch break, of course!) in the most amazing sun, aren't the colours amazing?

 And this pic help me realise I'd left half the quilting unfinished, phew, glad I noticed!

I had a block leftover, so made a matching cushion, perfect as a couch blankie and pillow.

I'm soooo getting an invisible zipper foot, so I can make the backs a bit neater.

The pattern came from this pic, thanks to the person who posted that! I did a search under half square triangles, there were so many clever designs.

Now I'm finished that, it's off to tackle the ironing pile, so I can offer my guest a couch to sit on!


Sarah - Red Gingham said...

Amazing quilt!! Well done. I do love your choice in binding as well. I think dots and stripes make the best binding fabrics. What a wonderful surprise your special guest will get, lucky them.

CurlyPops said...

The sunshiney photos are lovely!

Andi said...

Looks wonderful Bec.
Have you seen this tute for zippers?
Andi x

Julie said...

Fabulous Bec, bery vibrant. Don't you love half squere triangles. Like the strip on the back too, I hardly do a quilt without an insert on the back now.

Sue said...

It looks totally amazing Bec!

trash said...

Loving the colour combinations. Happy Camper is one of my favourite lines I think. So ... who is the VIP?

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous quilt! I have a charm pack of Happy Campers but wasn't feeling that excited by've inspired me to go and dig it out and start thinking.