Sunday, January 9, 2011

PJ time

You say pajama, I say pyjama, let's call the whole thing off!
Oops, not really, just wondering how you really do spell that word!

I finally got some new summer jarmies made for the kid, however getting as pic was proving elusive...

until I had a donut bribe! I used an oppyed doona cover, it was check on one side, floral on the other, in her favourite colour. They are a really thin cotton, she wakes up and comments how comfy they are! (yep, strange)

 The other bribe was taking this OFF her- she's in love! She's nagged me for ages for a dressing gown/ robe, and I pulled out the pattern yesterday, and here it is! (My pattern cover is an older version, from an op shop I think).

I made an 8, but it went to the floor, so chopped a heap off the bottom and the sleeves. She could have gotten away with a 7, but as she said, she can wear it 'for years and years'. I may be sick of it before she is!

And what I discovered overlocking chenille- oops, when did that happen? However, purple fluff EVERYWHERE! Why do we do this to ourselves???? So I guess she'd better wear it for years and years!

We did some window shopping for bikes this afternoon, now that she can ride a 2 wheeler without training wheels. No luck on the bike front yet, but managed to con her into Savers (it's getting harder and harder) and she scored some fave books for $1 each!

Have a good week!!


CurlyPops said...

I love Captain Underpants too!

Sue said...

The pyjamas look great and I love the dressing gown. It seems like the perfect weather today to stay in your pj's. Good luck on the bike front - if she were a bit younger I could always give her one of Isabelle's bikes when she grows out of it but I think she may be riding it for another 6 months yet.

Mistea said...

Gorgeous robe - gotta love that colour.

Mookah Studio said...

They are just the cutest P.J.'s!

I've never actyally read a Captain Underpants books but heard about them. Are they a bit old yet for my 3 year old nephew do you think?

Allison said...

Hey!!! First, ooh your blog looks different. I like it.

Second, did you get my email about books I have here?