Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Crafty catch up

I have a few things I've made that I haven't blogged about yet; there are a few orders I've had that will
be posted after the recipients receive them!

But I can always post the kid's stuff!

I jumped on the bandwagon and made her some belts; I have serious belt envy now, and will be
doing some for myself!


when we arrived back Sunday night from camping, this was on the doorstep! Thanks Cathy! I went against all my beliefs and sewed before washing *gasp*

 She was thrilled to wear these brand new pj's to pajama day at her school holiday program! She was in them for 24hrs, actually, as she had to then wear them to bed....

I had to put the reds tripe on the back of hers, as I nabbed all the fabric for me!

I'm throwing this pic on, one of my happy nappy bag recipients! With baby Ivy in the green pouch at the front, awww, cute! (can't find a previous post when I need it!)

I also made some jewellery rolls for a friend, pattern from here- so easy!

And what has the kid been making? She loves Build a Bears; despite the home made softies, these have won her over. What a great photo, though!


Sue said...

Oh wow what cool Dr. Seuss pj's. You have been very productive. Oh nearly forgot, knitting group is on this Tuesday night at 6:30!

nicole said...

i am oh so jealous of your pjs!

Lisa said...

love that Dr Seuss! My kids current fave books are the Dr Seuss series we have, I think maybe they need some Suess PJs too :-)

Unknown said...

What a great catchup , love the pjs !