Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Yep, I finished something this week I can actually blog about, I'm pretty happy with it!
And so is she, more importantly!

It was a pretty straightforward pattern, it wasn't too long between buying and making too! It wasn't hard to get her to pose in it, but after a game of 'downball' with the neighbour, it was declared 'too hot' to wear (perfect for winter, then)

(don't know what this face was for)
the inside of the hood was an old cushion cover!

I rather like the pockets!
Little Miss got crafty with it on the weekend, and these babies arrived.

and she got one of me stuffin' the footstool.

(that was definitely Take 1!)


Stomper Girl said...

That coat is cute as!

Lyndel said...

lovely coat.
cute pockets!
PegDolls.. they need coloured elastic bands! otherwise perfect.

Andi said...

Amazing work!!
I am in awe of people who sew in 3D.

Sue said...

Love the coat! Cant wait to see how your footstool turns out!