Wednesday, April 13, 2011


We had a break from Twitter, housework and online friends and went away with people in the flesh on the weekend!

What a gorgeous day Friday was, it was a relief to arrive at our destination and realise everyone was really NICE! (a big group of single parents and their kids, my first activity with the group)

But she took along a friend just in case.

After a yummy 'someone else cooked it ' dinner and marshmallows around the fire caused my lovely kid to tell me in the middle of the night how much she loved me for bringing her there (awwww). Saturday was action packed!
We walked down a massive hill (didn't think about that at the time)
and she paddled a canoe!

learnt the hard way about the arm flick with the bow and arrow;

and we learnt she takes after her mum in the daredevil activities;

I was the ONLY crafter, which got a bit of a laugh, and by the end of the weekend I was the Pied Piper of knitting and hexies; start pushing craft at the kids, peeps! They gave these 2 lots enjoyment with 'sorting'.

The rain came and gave us lots of chances to make friends, rediscover a skill at table tennis and generally laze around and be fed.

Did we want to go home? Not likely! The views on the way back were just as breathtaking.

As was this happy girls smile. Awwwww!

Thanks to the great company, awesome chicks I met and the camp in general. And the huntsmen spiders who stayed hidden and didn't hijack their way out in our luggage.

And thanks to my Twitter pals for missing me, double awww!

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