Friday, April 1, 2011


I headed off with thousands of others on the weekend, half of which seemed to be bloggers I knew haha, and had a play with the ole Hipstamatic.

Hmm, not bad.

mmm, lunch, I didn't try the tacos- this was the kid's lunch, which she didn't like, so I had that and she had the taco. It's experience was wasted on her, I think!

she loved the origami making- spent a precious $2 out of the $5 spending money I gave her (the rest went into her piggy bank, God bless her! She even tried to pay for her lunch!)

I ran into an old pal- and am making another bag in return for another piece of art

Aye Carumba!

I'm saving for one of her clocks!

So by this stage I was dragging around a tired kiddo (camp and a sleepover within a matter of days- she had some serious luggage under those eyes!)
But am so glad I met up with my gang of crafters and newbies; met up with Carly and she gave me fabric to make her some clothes; chatted outside and tried not to lose a small child over the edge of the pier; and generally didn't buy myself anything!

I'll be there next time solo (without kid, that is!)

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