Sunday, September 18, 2011

ANOTHER cushion

I'm sure you remember (but I'll tell you again) how I made the kid a quilt and cushion out of Sherbert Pips?

When Aneela Hoeys' new range Little Apples came out, I was asked by the girl to do another quilt- alas, I didn't have it in me (Or the cash-ola in me bank) so I did the next best thing....

Can you see it?

She loves it! I used this pattern over here

The red chenille was used to try and tie it in with the others, and she chose red honeycomb print for the back.

Straight line diagonal quilting, I used wool batting against the front so it's extra soft and squishy. And jammed 2 pillows in there for a plumper cushion.

I think I should stop there! Except, she may have some new fabric coming's all so damn cute!


Tania said...

I just made four cushions. I thought I was cushioned out - at least until I spotted that pattern. She's a lucky kid, your kidlet is!

Jennie said...

Gorgeous - loving the chenille!