Sunday, September 11, 2011

Go Granny Go!

When my favourite blogger/crafty person decided to print some fabric, I wonder if she knew what she'd start?
Granny craziness!

I initially didn't know if I'd use it- what could I make out of it? I saw her example and got thinking. Freshly made fabric combined with a skirt making class? I'll do my best!

(with a Curlypops brooch too!)

I'm pretty happy with it! Despite the fact it attracts small white dogs to jump on you haha. It's actually hot pink drill, but looks a tinge red in some of the pics, might just be my screen. And as Cam says in her shop:

'Note: the colour on screen is as close to actual as I can provide.
 All screen colours differ, so please keep this in mind when ordering.'

A great class was had yesterday, by the way- despite already having made one of the wrap skirts from the book, getting the extra tips with layout and cutting was great, especially what to do if your fabric is too small and how to do a panel. And the company and lunch were great. A real treat!

PS No endorsment was given for this promo. I paid good and proper for it!


Carly Findlay said...

I love it! the colours and buttons are great :)

nicole said...

LOVE it! it looks amazing bec!

Cathie said...

that looks awesome!!!
I was a bit sceptical with all that pink but it looks great together.
well done, Miss Curlypops & Miss Nikki would be proud!

great hanging out with you yesterday ♥

Sue said...

Fantastic skirt Bec!

CurlyPops said...

Love love love! Hey and it even matches perfectly with your technicolour brooch!

MooBear Designs said...

Oh wow... I knew I wanted a skirt but I didn't think about how it would look... Loving yours Hun...

Xo Steph

Jennie said...

Its gorgeous Bec!!
Love the buttons at the top.

(really loving your boots too!!)x

sophie said...

So pretty and bright,great match of fabrics.

Brianna said...

Looks gorgeous and love it with the green top. Buttons look so cute!

Nikki said...

Great to see the finished article and I'm lovin' the green cardi and Curlypops brooch!

Leonie said...

Gorgeous! Can't wait to get my piece of granny squares. I was thinking of doing something similar, either the wrap around or the a-line. Maybe I'll just have to make both.