Saturday, September 3, 2011

Girly sewing

Yay, she's finally wearing some stuff I've made!
Hmm, actually I made them as requested and tried to keep my opinion out of it, it seems to be working at the moment!
This top has been as fave, so I made another one for my growing girl- in her favourite colour of purple!

and something that never gets refused- new pj's! In her favourite fabric (love hearts).


manda said...

She looks really good in that purple top! It's great knowing you can *occasionally* make things she'll love to wear!

Vic said...

She has her priorities straight that one - PJs is where it's at!

Leonie said...

They look fabulous! My 19 year old has started wearing the clothes that I make agian. That's nice, but she also brings things home from the op shop for me to alter. Yay... alterations, my favourite. (slight hint of sarcasm on the last point).

Julie said...

Very cute. Wondering when mine will want to stop wearing mummy made clothes.

Stomper Girl said...

Great sewing from you and I applaud her choice of favourite colour too!