Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Advice needed!

OK, I don't ask for it very enough, but I thought I'd put it to the punters! 

This vintage quilt was rescued from the Early Parenting Centre's bin years and years ago; a colleague I work with now had rescued it and stashed it at home. Now she's me and my sewing craziness, she wondered if I'd like it!
 Er, yes please!
It's got gorgeous colours, and looking a bit ragged to use as a quilt or play mat again.

 The backing is like a jacquard bed spread fabric, which has shrunk.There's no batting or quilting in sight.

I felt a bit selfish keeping it, and I make enough of my own for me- I suggested I unpick the backing and sandwich with a wool blanket, batting and binding, and hang it on the boring brick wall in the Maternal Child Health Centre I'm temporarily working in.

Any other suggestions?

Using it as a play mat etc would mean it needs washing- there won't be many volunteers for that!

I did think of cutting it up and redesigning, but as it's a donation to the centre, my time on it needs to be minimal!

any opinions?


Vireya said...

Turning it into a cheerful wall hanging sounds like a good idea to me. If it's grubby you might want to wash it before you remove the backing, to mimimise fraying but have a cleaner thing to work with. Then remove the backing, make any repairs it needs, add a new backing and batting if you want, then do a some quilting so that the front doesn't sag away from the backing when it's hanging on the wall.

trash said...

Vireya's idea sounds like the biz.

Julie said...

Maybe a big cushion or a bag for toys.

nicole said...

i like vireya's idea too! cheer up that dismal wall!