Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Ink and Spindle experience!

So when my little sister got married last year, just before they left on a 6mth around the world trip I said I wanted to make her a wedding quilt, and asked her what fabrics she liked. The response wasn't very good for my bank balance. So I thought I'd leave the making until she was away, and then she could use it once she was back, rather than have it in storage for 6mths. Oh, and I ummed and ahhed over a quilt or doona cover- in the end the quilt won! 

Then I realised she was back in a couple of weeks! Time to get my butt into gear.

So first step was buying the fabric. Jess had given me a few of her fave prints, then I went in and saw the lovely girls and got help picking 8 different fabrics. My plan was to go all choppy choppy and do rectangles/squares, but....

a trip to Ballarat Patchwork sorted the pattern out.
I also picked up the cotton/linen blend for the background.

Fusible interfacing wasn't in the budget that week, so I spray adhesive-d the circles, stuck them on and raw edge appliqued.

Basting, quilting and binding was a lovely way to spend Xmas- it's a beautiful weight fabric to sew with, and felt beautiful. I felt really lucky to be able to sew with it!

I love getting it done by the skin of my teeth! Just enough!


Yep, this one came down the beach too!

My little sis and very hairy brother in law arrived back Friday night, so we gifted them the quilt yesterday. Thankfully, she loved it! phew!
(I would have a home for it at my house haha)

Oh, and I have about half of the fabric left! By changing the pattern I scored well!


Jennie said...

Lovely quilt, very modern (but still vintage with the backing, noice). Talk about champagne tastes in fabric! Very sneaky, having half of it left over. Enjoy your well-earned perks!

Unknown said...

You know, when I saw the circles all basted out earlier on (on Twitter?), I really wasn't sure about this one. I was a bit iffy about chopping up all that lovely Ink & Spindle fabric into circles... Now that it's finished, with the quilting all done, it looks fabulous! Obviously you had a vision! Your sister is very lucky.

Copper Patch said...

I really do love that quilt Bec. Well done!

Cass said...

I looks awesome Bec and I am sure she will love it

The little sister said...

Love it is an understatement!! I am an extremely lucky to have such a talented big sis. It's a gorgeous, gorgeous quilt - matches & the hairy one ;) - perfectly! It's so beautiful - I should get married more often! xoxo

Jodie said...

Bec, it looks awesome! And your little sis obviously loves it. Will you make one for yourself with the leftovers?

Juddie said...

Oooh ... this is more than just a little bit lovely. Great work, Bec!

Anonymous said...

That is gorgeous!
And well done on doing it on a budget too :-)
I find that so hard!

Michelle said...

It's stunning Bec! I have wanted to make a circle quilt for so long - may have to steal your idea! Would you mind?

sophie said...

I love it Bec, absolutely beautiful!

Stomper Girl said...

I love it too!