Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Made in Blueberry?

So I started to sew it all together last night, couldn't work out at first what was wrong with this section (stand on your head if you aren't sure teehee). As it was a scrap/ from the stash quilt I didn't want to buy any fabric, so I have used 2 different types of white fabric- one was earmarked for another quilt, and one from the stash.

I think I love it now. Wasn't sure with all the peicing, was it balanced etc, but when I stand back, I'm happy, and that's all that matters, isn't it?

She was a pretty good helper with this one, my Little Miss, she wrote on all the pink post-it notes I use to keep track of the different sections! I was thinking of using this as a couch quilt, but as you can see by the size, it may need a bed!

I couldn't let this one go when I dropped into the oppy today to look for shirts for work. Chenille? Tick. Coloured pattern? tick. $10? Priceless!

It's huge, def in too good condition to cut up, another bed cover! I sure bowed down to the op shop God's for this one, I feel I've been waiting my whole life (ok, a few years) for one like this!

I had a visit with Nikki as well, and will show you what Auntie Wilma gave her when I get a chance!


Vireya said...

That big blue star is fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Loving that quilt!

Unknown said...

That star is awesome. I bet it looks great spread out over a bed.

trash said...

Oh! And Wow! And OMG!! That is one gorgeous and enormous star and it is trooly rooly fabulous.

Mistea said...

Beautiful star - very impressed with that size.
Enjoy your gorgeous find.

retdairyqueen said...

Just found your Blog and enjoyed my visit

Becky said...

Your Made in Cherry (or Blue in this case) is fantastic. I downloaded the pattern and thought I would sign on for this one as well, but not in a hurry.

Julie said...

Gasp, the star quilt is beautiful Bec. I love scrappy quilts. It will look gorgeous on a bed.
Good oppy find too.