Sunday, January 8, 2012

a few tops

I've been a bit inspired by this lovely lady and her top and dress sewing frenzy- I've been hanging to try the 2 tops she talks about!

So this is the 'Not Sorbetto top', actually a Simplicity 2938. I made it in a 16 with the normal size seam allowances, 5/8 inch. In a wearable muslin!

I then made it in the fabric I wanted, a vintage Ken Done doona cover. This one feels a bit tighter- maybe not as much stretch? Still cute!

I then went back and made a Sorbetto top. This was a 14, but I made the seam. allowances on the sides 1/4 inch.

AND I got my directional print (Hollie Hobbie) right!

The only thing I don't like about these 2 different patterns- the tops ended up too short, even though I only used a 1/4 inch hem. I like the length to sit on my hip, being short-waisted is a pain! There is bias binding around all the sleeves and the neck of the Sorbetto; the 'Not Sorbetto' has facings. 

They both seem similar, but they are also really different. Not sure what ,y fave will be yet, hopefully will get some wear out of them!

I had a cheeky kid take the photos today.


Warning- don't trust them. I was asked to turn around so she could a shot of the back 
of my top....grrrrr!!


Michelle said...

Excellent! I love that you've done a comparison of the two patterns. So good to see they compare! I love the shape that the Not Sorbetto gives you, but I also love the centre feature in the Sorbetto and also the boob darts.

As for length, I usually have to chop some length off mine - how funny!

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! I love the cheeky photographer!
The tops are awesome. I don't know when I'll have the guts to sew clothing. I am in the middle of a refashioning obsession right now, but actually sewing clothing from a pattern terrifies me...!

sophie said...

I found the Sorbetto too short as well. Have a look at grainline patterns, tiny pocket tank top, it's a great loose fitting shirt that is a good length. BTW your tops look great, Holly Hobby brings back so many memories!