Thursday, February 9, 2012


I finished up the custom order I had last week with a custom cushion.
when the friend came over to look at fabric, she spotted this cushion on the Little Miss's bed.
As her daughter's b'day was coming up, she asked me for one!

This little girl loves green, so the shroomy fabric was a great pick (from Spotlight years ago)

and the photos and fabric appliqued on, with a bit of Vliesofix to help.

It was all a bit 'geometric' so I added the love hearts with a bit of pink at the last minute, I think it helped!
The mum absolutely adored it, and has ordered 2 more off me, 1 for her 2nd daughter, and one for another friend.

As I loved making it, I'm thinking I may have found an item I would be happy to make over and over- I can't get bored, as they are all different! And with email and phone pics nowadays, making a 'mock up' and getting the ok takes about 5mins! Stay tuned....

and another school year finally started on Monday for my big Grade 3 girl! She was so worried about having a male teacher, but has loved it from day 1- if I hear "Mr Gravett said" one more time......

 We both look a bit younger here!


Vireya said...

Great looking cushion!

Sue said...

The cushion looks fantastic with the photos. I used to have a maths teacher in high school that was called Mr. Gravatt. Isabelle has had 3 male teachers now and seems to be much more relaxed in those classes for some reason. Hope your daughter enjoys the rest of the school year. Cute photo of the 2 of you.