Sunday, February 19, 2012

Unexpected review

I'm getting all ready for this great exhibition.
Having no idea what I'm making led some play in the kitchen yesterday.
I haven't played with the dyes for ages- a few years in fact! 
I still have the stash I got cheap at Spotlight- I'm still trying to find more of this brand, as it dyes double the amount of Dylon. And lets look at the colors....

This is Royal Blue, on a beige-ish tablecloth. I wish I could say I had editing skills, but seriously, I pressed 'auto-correct' and it came up this good! 

This one was done on the stove and simmered....

this one a bucket of hot water; 

 also a bucket of hot water. Not for very long either, as I had a kid
 nagging me to take it out!

(the bottom right doiley was a dark beige originally.)

I also had a box of Dylon from before they changed their packaging. On the stove constantly being stirred, it still was very patchy....

and whereas exactly the same batch of doilies went into the orange and came out uniform, this lot frustrated me a bit!

what do you think? has ANYONE seen the Uni-care dyes around? I've got a pot on the stove with my huge beige 'market tablecloth in it, can't wait to show you the finished product- it definitely won't be cut up!

PS Has blogger changed it's fonts? Or is it just me?


Stomper Girl said...

I can't help you with dye information but I wanted to tell you the doilies look soooo pretty! (especially the purple!)

Nikki said...

Loving the coloured doileys. Re: dye - I really like those new ones in the water-soluble packet that you just pop into the washing machine.