Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Working hard- or hardly working.

So when I posted the other day, I forgot about all the sewing FOR ME I've been doing!
I quickly wear them, they go in the wash, back in the wardrobe....forgotten! And getting the kid to take the pics- forget it!

So, into the patterns!
The first one took a while to get too. I tried these ones; just OK. I got a hot tip from Sophie about this pattern. And for $4.50 pdf download- we have a winner!

length is good. This is a cotton sheet;

then I tried some stretch. COMFY!
Just a warning, though- I'm about a 14 in the shops; I made the largest size 
in this pattern and it was snug. Comfy but snug.
Oh, easy to follow instructions too!

The next one was a pattern a friend had picked up. I stole the idea
 (hmmm, been doing that a bit) and tried it out.
Fabric is a ?Tana lawn from Spotlight.
No adjustments made to this pattern.

Easy- no zip! (for the zipper-phobes)

I tried a spunky double hem. Not twin needles, just 2 rows of stitching.

the 'poufy' sleeves remind me of bubble skirts! Don't love it, but don't hate it either.

Next (but not last) is the new flavour-of-the-month Lisette.
What do I like about these patterns? Simplicity (equals good instructions and good fit to me)
a cotton voile from Spotlight.

It's a 3/4 length tunic on me, I wear some grey leggings underneath
 (but NO leggings as pants haha)

I made this while the overlocker was at the shop being repaired. My machine has a
 great overlock stitch, slow but definitely do-able in a weekend!


cute buttons from the stash (and no zips, zipper phobes! hmmm, maybe I'm a zipper
 phobe too, I choose a lot of patterns without them!)

I lengthened the sleeves, really easy to do.

As I chose an all over colour, you can't see the detail as much, but I like it!

So, what's next?

A pattern review of one I'm not too happy about;
getting a chance at this pattern;
and joining in on a spur-of-the-moment sew-a-long 


Julie said...

Awesome Bec, totally inspired to get clothes sewing too. See you at the sew-a-long.

Jennie said...

That green tunic is gorgeous!x

Lisa - Sweet Little Pretties said...

Love your green top - the fabric is gorgeous

sophie said...

I'm thinking working hard! Hellooooo gorgeous tank top in the first picture! So pretty. Love the tunic as well, will so useful in the coming months.

Nic said...

I've been looking at the Lizette patterns online and trying to decide which one I'd like. Good to know they're quite simple to make.

Jacinta said...

I love the tunic. Some really cute details and it looks great in that fabric. Wow - you have been busy!