Friday, February 17, 2012

My disaster

I haven't been taking many pics lately, it's been 8 days according to the computer who files them all 
away for me!
There has been sewing, i'll try and snap some pics. But I thought I'd share my latest disaster!

I noticed in the last few days of using it my overlocker wasn't up to scratch. So it went to the 'naughty corner' for a while, then I took it in to be serviced.

Hmmm, my first attempt at Microsoft Paint shows I have some practice to do! 
(That tiny print says 'that bit'!)
See that little bit I circled? Don't snap it off!

And here's the reason why!

(Please don't aske me how I did it, I have no idea! I was asked at the shop "did you do this or this" and I said 'maybe'!! Felt like a naughty kid!


trash said...

Did you look anywhere but at the nice shop person? Probably while twiisting your foot a lot?

Anonymous said...

uh oh poor little overlocker in the naughty corner sounds like the shop person wanted you in the naughty corner too!!!!

Unknown said...

Oops. :(

Mookah Studio said...

Uhoh! You poor thing. We've all done things like this though haven't we? Haven't we? Okay, well i know I have.

Onwards and upwards, put it down to experience.