Saturday, April 7, 2012

Another day trip

So our third day trip/car drive this week was courtesy of my sister, who has a new car and wanted to hit Bendigo for this. Thank God I got to be a passenger for once! Bendigo sure put the weather on today, too, thanks!

I gifted my sister her 'horsey Tova top' after she saw this in my stash. It was immediately worn, and declared fantastic (yay!)

We went up via Lark in Daylesford first, to take advantage of The Sale. The MS shop next door was open too, apparently not usually open on a Saturday, hence me not checking it out before!

The tags read$1.50 per sheet, and $2 for the fabric on top. A chenille bedspread I'll photograph tomorrow was $6.50! anyone who purchased got a bunny or 2 fro free (over breeding of stuffed bunnies in that shop teehee)

The Lark sale increased the fabric stash, vintage and modern (yep Amy Butler and Denyse Schmidt made an appearance at $5 a piece!

a few more larger pieces to photograph tomorrow in the daylight, too.

After the exhibition we hit the town for a late lunch (it takes about an hour to get through the exhibition. You must book, it's very popular!)

Both ridiculously photogenic!

The book was a huge hit, I hop it becomes dog eared and well read! The whole exhibition was perfect for Little Miss, she had a million questions I luckily had help answering, and it's given her things to Google when she's bored!

Ridiculously huge meals, too!

Ahhh, tourist stuff!

Get you're butt up there to check it out!


Cass said...

Love those sheets from the Oppy and the stuff from Lark, very jealous

CurlyPops said...

The horsey Tova is a triumph!