Saturday, April 7, 2012

Cool weekend trip

So we jumped in the car last Saturday, and headed off for 2 nights down here.
A bit of R&R (no sewing machine, but definitely cross stitch taken. But no time to do it!)

The first afternoon meant a huge walk around the lake and ocean.

and LOTS of swims in the pool.

jumping pillow (I tried it. It doesn't like back injuries like mine, unfortunately!)

but I ignored the back to go on this beauty! Flicker was pretty gentle on me.


I cut a striking figure as usual (not!) Some people look good on a horse; I'm not one of them! But the view....

ooh, yeah!

paddle boats the next day meant my legs didn't work for a while. I channeled The Biggest Loser doing this one....

and the car trip home was hard. 

but a brilliant time! Unfortunately it was at the beginnings of the holidays, so it has been forgotten for a while....


Sally said...

*So* much fun. Brilliant.

Bron @ Stop That Owl said...

Looks like you had a great weekend. Might have to follow your lead and take my kidlets for a day trip - only an hour from us.

Nikki said...

Sometimes a few days break can seem like a major holiday. Looks like you packed in a lot of fun!