Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I'm not a fan of facial hair at all, either on men or women, all the moustaches I've encountered are bristly and tickly. Plus my dad has one, can't imagine dating someone that reminds me of my dad!

But cartoon 'taches are the bomb!

So I asked my crafty friend Manda about some pins. She made me some earlier for another (still obsessed) craze.

God, they are cute!

Meeting the pin family. She added a little tiny ladybird pin as well.

A pressie for my BIL b'day (fabric here)

Some others I like;

oh, I remembered one guy in a mo I like :)

Thanks, Amanda!

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trash said...

CK used to have a Magnum P.I. stylee one. I swear blind there was a lovely gay man wandering around Brighton looking for his moustache for years.