Sunday, April 22, 2012

Don't know what's wrong with me!

Years and years and years ago, before I started being obsessed with sewing, I used to bake and cook a lot. I think once I realised sewing stuck around a bit longer (and there were no dirty dishes) I preferred it, and I went for quick and easy meals.

We're off to my sister's tonight for dinner, and I offered to bring sticky date pudding. Often I offer to bring something, then run out of time as I chose another activity, buying something on the way there! (C'mon, who hasn't done that before?) Today I had the sudden urge to cook!

2 sticky date cakes (will turn into puddings when I make the butterscotch sauce from scratch!)
Choc chip cookies- I wanted to make half with walnuts, and half without so the kid could take them to school, when she suggested choc chip and Craisin! Obviously she wants to eat all of them at school haha

and some multi-tasking; while these were in the oven, I was

browning some Marylands for a slow cooker dinner- FOR TOMORROW NIGHT! Argggh, I've turned into a meal planner! Hope it's only a one off haha. People may accuse me of reading Mummy blogs haha.

mmm, chicken curry!

Never fear, there has been sewing. And before you think 'wow, how does she do it?'- reminder, I am a sole parent who's child sleeps from 8pm on wards; I got to bed at 11pm; and now on weekends she plays in her room, requesting 'space' (as long I remember to feed her at intervals). Amazing how much time you can find in the day!

The Zakka book has a sew along I thought I'd join in on, they do a project a week, so I had a bit of time to catch up (3 weeks in). I don't think I'll be making much in linen, just looking to use up the stash a bit. And make buying the book worthwhile by using it! *shamefully hangs my head when I think about all the books I have*

Couch time cross stitching;

and a new do!

Off to do the stinking dishes haha


Keira said...

It’s actually a nice and useful piece of post. I am glad that you simply shared this with us. Thanks!

Tanya said...

I bet your kitchen is smelling pretty lovely as you do said dishes Bec!

Unknown said...

Yum, let me know if you need someone to come and help you and your one child to eat all of that loveliness. The chicken looks particularly good.

Sue said...

Love your new hairdo, it looks fabulous. Wish my 10 yr old would request space and play in her room on weekends. Love the baking too, the chicken looks good.