Sunday, May 13, 2012

A lovely day

Mother's day. I've been lucky enough to have 8 of them, each year getting better and better. As a single mum I sent the kid off to the local shops with my sister and told her to splurge. Regretting that now, of course, but hey, I'm worth it!

Beautiful cards- 2 handmade ones on Friday after school, the cat one today....

and beautiful things written.

Hand written (and made up) poems; apparently i'm a 'fizzbangeriffic' mum!!

And the lovely things- choccy (to share of course), beautiful tea cup  and candles. I obviously dropped enough hints teehee!

the tea cup is enormous- at least a double! here it is compared with my old (chipped) mug.

As I sit on the couch blogging while she sorts the underwear from a weeks worth of clean washing (at her insistence, I swear!) I think of my troubled relationship with both my parents; I really believe you earn the title of 'mother' and hence don't believe you need to give birth to be a mum. Happy Mother's day to all the step mums, adopted mum's, surrogate mums and of course, the single mums! (And all the 'normal' ones, of course!)

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Leonie said...

Beautiful presents from your beautiful girl. And well done you! I know it isn't easy being a single mum. xox