Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ups and downs

It's been a roller coaster over here lately. I really don't cope well with lots of indecision- being a 'control freak' by nature, I love a bit of order and consistency in my life!

I started a new job about 18mths ago, and it involves never being in the same place twice, and having no control over most things in my day. Needless to say I haven't coped well; cue a job interview and a weekend of angst, then finding out I got the position! 3 days a week in the same place, ahhh, bliss! I'm UP UP UP!

basting at MMQG

I picked up the sticks again after swearing off them this winter; my first time on the circular needles, and I have this lovely cowl! It's a teal colour, excuse the pic! UP UP UP!

 I'm cruising along relatively ok on the money front, after joining a 'debt free' agency and sticking to a very strict budget. (and coping with the shame of having to do that) It all came undone when I got a massive direct debit out of my account, and had to do a lot of juggling (and swearing and crying) and trying to remain positive that it's only a hiccup. DOWN DOWN DOWN!

And I'll gladly welcome Optus back as my ISP (hope that not famous last words teehee)

At least this little one gives me a reason to hang in there! Makes me feel all the struggle is worth it, when she tells me I'm the best thing in her life.

Teddy, my hero, keeping my little girl safe in the night.


willywagtail said...

It's a tough ride on your own but I think you are doing a good job. I'd love to know which agency you used in case I ever got brave enough to ask for help there. I sure hope you get the right job soon as that would be very unsettling. Cherrie

Jodie said...

Bec, I am so happy about your new job! The other stuff sucks but I thin the final tally is a win for you.

Sue said...

Congrats on the new job Bec! I know how you feel about money problems. We are dealing with it here too. Just when you think you have everything under control something pops up or happens. Love your quilt, and how fantastic that your knitting again. We must get together with our girls one day too.

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

One thing I do with commission paintings is ask the client for an up-front deposit of between 30-40% of the total quote. It goes toward the cost of supplies and materials, and initial time. I think you could very reasonably take the same approach with custom work, even up to 50% for the work you are doing. At least it puts some of the money in your hands straight away and is probably a good incentive for the client to complete the transaction. I think it's actually quite unreasonable for someone to put you on hold for months like that.

Congrats on the new job and good on you for taking control of your finances. Nothing to be ashamed of. Money is a tricky damn beast.