Friday, May 18, 2012

Nothing like a bit of healthy competition!

So I saw over on Facebook a link to this blog, and got a bit excited about a challenge like this! A $200 voucher is COMPLETELY unnecessary for me, but i thought is was a good way to try out different fabrics that aren't usually in my stash. A bit like if someone offered me a gardening challenge. Er. No, I wouldn't be up for that one actually!

So I jumped onto the shop and saw the scrap packs. (Bugger, I just looked again and there are heaps of PINK!) Dammit....)

I am in love with the shrooms though. I cant remember all the sizes, but folded it looked like this;

 and unfolded like this. Almost a fat quarter of the green.

I'd seen this a few days ago, and like the style, and the fact it was a free tutorial! I'm in!

The inside is a Spotlight fat quarter;

here's the old knitting bag (one of my first bags I ever made!)

and TA-DA! My new knitting bag!

I added medium weight interfacing, and some iron on pellon (tips learnt from my bag guru, of course. ooh, look, what a coincidence, a workshop just on that haha)

I wanted structure;

but also can squash it in another bag to take to work etc. The fabric was perfect for this project.

And it fits all this!

I had so much fun making this!


Leonie said...

Its gorgeous! Just yesterday I was searching for knitting bag ideas on Pinterest- when I shoved my knitting into a plastic bag

Michelle said...

It's fantastic! And the fabric is perfect. Love the idea of using interfacing AND pellon - would give it great stability.

Sue said...

What a perfect knitting bag Bec! I will have to learn how to make one of those soon as my knitting is erupting all over the house - maybe some projects need finishing up.

Danielle said...

Looks fab, Bec! I really need to make a knitting bag for myself! This could well be the ticket.

Leonie said...

Love it! I'm in that comp too. Good luck, and my the best sewer win. It is lovely though.

Truly Myrtle said...

Your bag is gorgeous! I'm glad you found my tutorial and thanks for linking to me! :)

Nikki said...

Looking good! And I'm so happy hat all that banging-on about interfacing that I do has been helpful!

Annie said...

Love the bag and want to make one, but the Mathis is confusing me. Might have to have another look in daylight. Found a 40cm zip