Friday, May 11, 2012

Simplicity 2226

I finally picked up my pattern for this skirt, first seen over at Noodlehead (when I can stop gawking at her gorgeous girls!). I tried to get the pattern when the sew a long was on, but- sold out! So Cam's sew a long was the perfect time.

Oh, plus Lisa made one and I was jealous!

I was given this gorgeous vintage curtain from a mate, and thought 'skirt' as soon as I saw it! And the bonus of this is, when I get sick of the skirt, I know where to send it teehee

Cutting out;

sewing pieces together to get enough;

Hmm, try on time at home and i'm happy. And happy to cut a size 16 when I'm usually an 18 in paper patterns. Or a 14 in ready made!

and naughty Fem-Bot has lost weight, bad girl, can't use her for fitting anymore!
 Need to buy her big(ger) sister! 

Belt loops and pockets included in the pattern, Cam!

and my official 'night out' pics. Dinner in the city (hence the 'city wall').

A great pattern!


Jody Pearl said...

What a gorgeous fun skirt - love that you knew as soon as you saw the curtain it was going to be a skirt!

Bronwyn said...

thanks for the inspiration Bec! I got my purple animal fabric sewn up and I love it! Just winged it alot of the time - not perfect, but okay for first go! You may see it at the next SASE.