Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Single Girl Style....

Well, I may well be calling 2012 the Year of The Single Girl Quilt. I think it may have taken me that long!

This time a year ago in this space I unveiled a finished quilt, and surprisingly so I'm doing it again! And they are both for meeeeeeee!

I don't even know when I started it, A Long Long Time Ago though. The piecing of the rings coincided with a Buffy The Vampire Slayer marathon, I remember that! And I started hand quilting about 6mths ago. It wasn't the most portable project, and has taken up too much room on my couch for the whole time! I've been bugging my Instagram mates with it for yonks, and they have actually kept me going the whole way- I did feel like giving up a few times, packing it away for the UFO pile...nah, too stubborn! So I gave myself the deadline on New Years Eve 2012 (about a week ago I set that one) and I did it- with about 2 hours to spare!

The binding was a tough choice- and it wasn't. I'd been assuming I'd do a scrappy vintage sheet binding, keeping with the rest of the fabrics (all vintage sheets sourced from op shops or friends. Beige Homespun from Lincraft). But I remembered a binding I'd seen on a blog that at the time I went 'ping'- that is it! And the Spotlight sale was on too haha. 

Once I'd finished I realised the significance of using a DS Quilts Spotlight fabric on a Single Girl Quilt!

I retired to the bedroom yesterday to hand stitch the binding- after hand quilting it, it was the least I could do!

By the end I have fully embraced the thimble- the Clover adjustable one was on the left hand for the quilting, the right for the binding.

Company followed me- she enjoyed laying on it during the making, she seems desperate to get a snuggle now it's done!

It was washed (finally! 6mths on the couch with a cat laying on it left it a bit whiffy) and hung out overnight- so this sight met me when I got up late morning.

 Hang on, you didn't quite see how big it is? (king size if you're wondering. In for a penny, in for a pound!)

 A daylight shot- no filters! Check out that binding- perfect, non?

and the size on the bed! Oh, the backing was obviously pieced from 4 vintage sheets- had the kiddo's help on that one!

  One way...

Or the other.

 The vintage sheet doona cover has a friend :)

Even folded back it looks great- the hand quilting (pattern supplied with the pattern) just makes it for me!

It called and called today, but I was very good at resisting the nap- going to look forward to bed tonight!

PS Hopeless at  finding links tonight- any questions just ask!


trash said...

Bec, it is brilliant! Good work Missus.

Unknown said...

Awesome. The binding is perfect. Well done :)

Clair said...

Oh...that's just fabulous,Bec! You may just have inspired me.

Michelle Walker said...

Wow what a master piece xo

Copper Patch said...

Well done hon! It's stunning and will give you a lifetime of warmth. Yay for finishing stuff :-)
Ab x

Michelle said...

Wow! Amazing! Awesome! Actually there aren't enough superlatives, this is just a truly, really beautiful quilt.

You must be so happy! Have sweet dreams tonight!

Kate said...

That is amazing!! So well done, love the sheets, the binding and so impressed with the quilting!

Mistea said...

Lovely colours and all those quilting stitches.
Enjoy snuggling.

melissa said...

Its absolutely gorgeous, love love Love it!!

Ellieboo said...

Its so wonderful to finish a big job - it looks fantastic

Cath said...

Wonderful!!! I am doing some hand quilting at the moment and I contemplated doing lots of concentric circles. Yours looks so good - but I am not sure I have the patience for it! Snuggle well in your gorgeous quilt.

AMM said...

Well done Bec - that looks amazing.

Unknown said...

Bec, this is amazing! I wish I had this much patience!