Thursday, January 17, 2013

New projects

 I have a whole bunch of new stuff I want to make at the moment. I started to make a list, and it was getting a bit big!

this list...and more!

I've got some spankin' great fabric to do it with...

A new blanket has been cast on for Henry.


And I've joined in a monthly sampler... those deer sucked me right in!

I'm revisiting the hexies too, a nice quick craft for the couch. the plan is to make some purses for a market stall I'm thinking of doing in March... 

I had to show off this great sheet set I was gifted by Cam, either to use as sheets or cut up for quilts.

 Definitely to make something for this little dude! 5 weeks and he fits into this size 0 vintage onesie (found in Little Miss' old toy clothes :) )

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ZippyZippy said...

looks like a bust time - love the fabrics in the 4th pic