Monday, November 24, 2008

Ho Ho Ho

Have done a combined project this week, that is, combined with my friend we have made Santa sacks. She had the idea, bought the fabric....and I sewed. The idea was a 'sewing day', but after making her do one, I said it would be quicker if she took her boys home and I finished them off haha. She made for each of her 2 boys, and one for her friend who had 2 boys, so I haven't shown all of them here.
Her son chose the digger fabric for Xmas, and yes, we decided it didn't matter the diggers etc were sideways!
Her 3 yr old chose this fabric, and as my payment was excess the fabric, I was happy- I have a bit of this left over to sew on t-shirts etc.
And I love that my daughter would fit in this Santa sack! Check out the hands and feet!
Now I have no excuse for not making my daughter one :)

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laughing purple goldfish said...

hey bec...

love the new tv cabinet... so much character

I have tagged you with a meme over on my blog, if you are interested in participating :)