Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gosh damn!

This is my fourth attempt to get my photos in the right order, and I am giving up! My story will be backwards, I will be frustrated, but need to get dinner started, so here goes.

After my weekend of craftiness, and having a full on week with work, it hasn't happened- work, that is. I had to leave work at 11am on Mon to bring my little one home from day care with....?gastro. I atcually think it was the sausages we had for dinner, but it meant I got today off too, due to a 24 hr exclusion. I hate to say it, but i'm bored at home today, need to go to work! So no extra money this week, just Wed and Fri to work. But my little one is fine, no poos today so she is DEFINATLEY going tomorrow.

So this picture will make no sense, let me just saw it is very old wallpaper, and I have framed 2 pieces for the loungeroom walls. Nice, hey?
There is one in this pic on the wall, and my newly organised lounge room- this corner is the one where the messy kids table was. I had a massive burst of energy Sun night, and said bye bye to my old tv cabinet, and
hello to my new one. I scored this for $45 from Bargain browser a while ago, I have been waiting to sand it back and pretty it up, but I decided it wouldn't happen this year, and I wanted to use it. THIS is where I got the old wallpaper from, used to line the shelves.
My lounge room must have better feng shui in this position, the room is much more comfrotable, and more space.
Speaking of space, there's a cat in here....hiding from the dog! Under the dog's basket! Pretty funny. We took the naughty dog for a walk today, and gave him a bath when he got home- he then ran and rubbed his fur dry on the grass! He's going to the groomers Fri, naughty boy....that'll teach him!


Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

He's just showing off, cause he has some fur now!

Love the cabinet too!

leslie said...

hey bec, thanks for the advice, i wrote a reply in my comment so other sleepless mothers can follow along - can you take a look? LOVE the new tv stand, by the way! i think it looks pretty great just the way it is : )