Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Finishing stuff

It's always a good feeling when a few unfinished projects get done, especially when oyu have posted the before shots on your blog! See here and here for the before shots if you need to. I can leave no plain singlet un-trimmed haha. This Country Road one was an op shop find that has been worn for a while plain- not sure if she'll like the doileys, but the butterfly print may win her over. If not it'll be up for sale! These were new tops, with a few trims- the Babushka fabric is my favourite, and precious at half a metre only! Was going to sew some yo-yo's on, but this took my fancy instead. Vliesofix is awesome, isn't it?
Hopefully my little miss will choose one of these to wear on her big adventure tomorrow- a morning at her primary school! Only an hour an a half, but a step that reminds me how grown up she is! Details later! Bed for now.

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laughing purple goldfish said...

what a fun and simple transformation... I wonder which one she will choose?