Saturday, November 29, 2008


ok, no story today, so no need for order here (none at home today either, fo that matter!) Still have a bit of a headache as I put on the dancing shoes and unexpectedly ended up seeing these guys perform last night, it was great! Highly recommend it, very trippy though, to see Brian Mannix still in skinny jeans!

Have to show off my cute doggie, I went back to the 'good' groomers, who love him and would never shave him (there words!) and charge me much less AND give me back a cuter version of Murray! Ain't he spunky? I didn't get ears or tail done, thank goodness, this just adds to his already cute personality!

This arrived from Ebay, haven't had a good look yet, but am sure i'll find a few good pics to share. Great condition, too, I love Ebay.

Not as much as I love what I now term "Haby day" when I go to Savers. All this for....$2.99! The pink and green rolls are bias binding, and the heart and star ribbon alone are worth it! Someone obviously didn't need a fully loaded bobbin, but heck, I do!

Have gone back to my roots and decided to do a cross stitch Xmas stocking for little miss. God, I forgot how long it takes! I did years of cross stitch from about year 7 of high school, where I first learnt it, to when I hade little miss, then sewing took over. No quick results here, just many night in front of the telly, I think! It took one whole night to prepare the fabric and pattern etc! So here is my work in progress after 2 nights. And yes, I am enjoying it!

Get to go pick up my machine today after servicing, yay, but I won't until I clean my bedroom! It's too bad even for a photo, but if my reward is my fixed machine, I can get it done. Ciao!


Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

Go Murray - love the blue mo-hawk! Stocking is looking good, looking forward to seeing the end result, bet your little one is too!

Corrie said...

ahhh love the pup's new do! so cute....I was a cross stitcher from way back and keep finding half finished projects...I think I need a finish off my WIP year just to get through the knitting, stitching and sewing projects