Thursday, February 26, 2009

My creative space...kind of

I really want to play along this week with Kirsty, but I have nothing new on the table since last night, and not even something to pretend!

So I decide to post my protege's (probably not the right spelling) creative space. She is happily set up here and idles away the day, drawing, pasting, cutting- on the table at the moment are little books, she is sticking in stickers of my name and I was under STRICT instructions not to look after she went to bed- OOPS! Also her pencil roll is in constant use, and the white Huggies container is for other pencils, crayons etc. I didn't shoe the carpet where all the scraps get pushed, but I think you'd assume that anyway.

I particularly like her table and chairs, which were made by my grandfather for me as a wee one. I have just bought her a desk, a bit bigger and then this table and chairs can be put away for the next grandchild (ie stored at my sisters!).
PS The only thing that cleans texta off the table is Gumption! Better than Jif, much better than spray n wipe etc, it truly does the job. My secret weapon!
Thanks for hosting Kirsty, head over to check out some more.

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Kirsty said...

I share my creative space with the smallest. I think I'll show her wip next week. Your girl's been super busy.