Tuesday, February 3, 2009

She's off....

Hopefully on a huge big adventure lasting many years!
We were both pretty excited this morning, and it all went pretty smooth. How did my little girl get so big? In such a short time? And be so ready and confident?
I'm pretty darn proud!
(Thanks to the self timer and rubbish bin!)

It's a half day for their first day today, so after being used to long day care, this is strange! I have to pick her up soon, eek!
But first, a shot of the possum on the neighbours roof the other night. Murray was going crazy, and this little guy was hanging on, too frightened to move. I got murray inside, and he ran oof. We have a lot of fruit tress around, so I suppose they are inevitable. I thought he was kinda cute!

My newest discovery is....Google Reader. How cool is it, I love it and never miss a thing now. Has it always been there, or I am just a bit slow? Probably both haha!


Cathy said...

so glad it went well - their first day is such a monumental occasion. Thanks for visiting over at my blog. My big boy had a great day at Secondary School and is loving it since.
Glad the slice is nut free and egg free (hadn't even thought of that one!) It really is yummy!

Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

She looks so excited, and don't they look cute in their unifroms? Oh, and you look cute too in your dress!!