Monday, February 16, 2009

Good stuff to do

Ok, no new pics to show of the tidying yet, and ate dinner at a friend's, she probably saw the pics of my table and felt sorry for me haha.
Little Miss came home today all excited as she can read! And proved it by reading Green Eggs and Ham. Hmm, don't you have a DVD of this? And yes, she had memorised it and was repeating it. Oh, well, good try.
I'm super excited this week at I am going along to Amitie. It is my first trip, after reading about it on blogs, I've been in nice patchwork/fabric shops before, but I've heard this is something else. It's just after pay day too, so I could be in trouble. Stayed tuned for the fabric shots (or not, I may behave myself). I can justify it by emptying out my stash a bit on Saturday, I deserve it, don't I?
Another thing coming up I may be in on is this Quilting Bee. Even though I have painfully finished a lot off, I now have a skill in mitring corners that may be useful, plus a day of sewing would NEVER be knocked back. I found this here at Curlypops.
Another exciting event for me today (besides a marathon Nana nap of 3 hrs this morning) was joining The Toy Society. I wasn't sure what it was, but by following the links (handy things they are) I read this story, and had to do it. Plus I get to make a softie to give away, no I know (eg Little Miss) likes them much.
Now if I could just work out my sidebar, I'd be advertising all these special things....grrr.

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Christine McDonald said...

I'm going to have to have a go at this yo-yoing. Glad you liked my nudie pics. Stay tuned, I've got loads more.