Wednesday, February 4, 2009

One of those days

Some really good stuff happened this morning. It was Little Miss's Wednesday off school (for the 1st month they have Wednesdays off so the teacher can catch up with them one on one to assess them) and we had a great time. Hit the sewing shop, and came home with these (actually Big W, but the same price as in Spotlight).
and picked up this one. Yay, pretty special. Of course, the pinking shears aren't for edging, they are for crafting, and will hopefully be put to use making some bunting for little Miss's room.
It looks beautiful on its little desk.

Of course, the other stuff had to make room for it, as it is Ovey's rightful desk (well, what else am I going to call it?)

Now where do I eat dinner?
(The folded pile of quilts are the ones I have FINISHED! I have about three left to bind.)
(The ironing board also has piles on it, but i'd rather not show that.)
The thrill of this day was quickly brought to an abrupt halt when someone (helpfully) cried out "NITS!"
Therefore, Ovey has only just been unpacked due to a whole afternoon of nit treatment. *sigh*
And it's not even her 2nd day!


CurlyPops said...

Not nits already!

Very weird word verification: CHEMICAN .....

bec said...

that comment alone has me scratching my head HAHA

Claire (ethel loves fred) said...

Bah to nits! I've not had to do this yet - won't be long I'm sure!
Serious 'overlocker envy'. Must do something about my 70's nightmare I inherited from D's Nan, I don't use it, cause it's jsut so damn heavy and cumbersome.