Saturday, March 14, 2009

The show (again)

Ahh, the staple for any show or market- the corn cob! And at $5, was definitely savoured and enjoyed by 2 people (I love the cry- "Mum, you finish it!").

As we were driving back to the Stitches and Craft Show today, Little Miss "I'm a big girl" in the back asked when she would get her own blog. She has learnt this week that 'www' means a website- I am constantly being told things have a website now, whenever she sees the "www". So I said until she can read and type, she can share my blog, and therefore the next 2 photos are dedicated to her (as if I wouldn't have shown them anyway!)

A new craft- sand art. She wasn't happy about it being taken home, wanting to do it at the show, but a stern talking to has seen her very happy with my decision, and she has finished this one off tonight. Not much mess, no, don't worry, I was vacuuming anyway!

We also bought this little beading kit ($5) to make bracelets etc. My beads are all a bit small, I thought this was more 5 yr old size. Or maybe I'll make them for me!

For little Hugo, a quilt of VERY divine fabrics, and very expensive for me- I so rarely buy new and special quilting fabrics, this was quite a treat. I have already decided where the scraps will go!

The delightful girls at these stores helped me out, they were definitely my cup of tea, and a brilliant addition to me sewing room (for a short while!)


Cathy said...

Hi there, so lovely to have met you in person. Love what your little one has done! Tell her hi from me!

Andi said...

Like mother, like daughter. Sounds like you 2 had fun today.
I was there too this arvo but didn't see you in the crowd.
Maybe next week at Perle 8s.
Andi :-)

Jacinta said...

Yes - it was all a real treat. Loved the classes and getting to meet some fabulous bloggers along the way. Glad your daughter enjoyed the Saturday. Hope you managed to dry out!
Cheers, Jacinta

fi said...

what fun!that bloody sand goes everywhere!thanks so much for letting Mekeali tag along with you on saturday she had a ball!i think we need to get our girls together again really soon:)